DataCamp Review: Pros and Cons in 2023

DataCamp Review

Data science is the ultimate truth in the job skills demand in 2023. But, it is very difficult to find the best website for learning data science online from scratch. DataCamp is one of the leading websites to learn full-fledged data science. This platform has more than 380 courses on data science. In addition, 80% of Fortune 1000 companies rely on this platform.

This DataCamp review is about the pros and cons of this platform. You can learn from scratch about Python, and SQL in the DataCamp. This platform is very helpful for gaining knowledge in the technology field. In this article, I’ll do a brief but comprehensive DataCamp review that will help you to decide your future level-up of skills for this platform.

What is DataCamp?

DataCamp is a learning management system or LMS that is cloud-based. It is one of the leading e-learning platforms to upscale your skills needed by organizations. It features the creation and assigning of custom-based learning paths along with courses for students.

While doing the DataCamp review, I must tell you that you can get features like engagement analysis with role-based permissions. There will be performance reports with live chats. The facility of exporting data with setting reminders is also there.

DataCamp Review

This online skill development platform features more than 380 courses. These courses first came as massive open online courses (MOOCs). DataCamp offers a pick-and-choose option to access several courses from their catalog to level up your skills. 

These skills mainly facilitate Data Science and Data Analytics. You can get courses of self-paced features to the collaboration of cloud-based workspaces. These courses also feature data specialization for top recruitments. 

You can join the 11+ million learners community with the collaboration of 2500+ organizations. In addition, 80% of Fortune 1000 companies use DataCamp for upskilling their employees.

Who Created DataCamp?

Jonathan Cornelissen, Dieter De Mesmaeker, and Martijn Theuwissen created DataCamp in 2013. Currently, the CEO is Jonathan Cornelissen. They have created this online learning platform as a MOOC provider. Courses were mostly free to access. With the growing demand, the pricing plans have been included. 

Top benefits of DataCamp

DataCamp is widely recognized as one of the leading platforms for learning data science skills. The primary benefit is their wide array of courses with good testimony from Fortune 1000 companies. Let’s have a look at the top benefits in this DataCamp review.

DataCamp Review

Top Benefits:

  • Engaging and Interactive Courses: DataCamp offers you very engaging and interactive courses. You will get engaging videos and interactive exercises to be in touch with the course.
  • Data Science-Focused Courses: DataCamp has its focuses solely on data science courses. It will have every detailed course of data science skills like data analytics, data analysis, Python, SQL, Excel, etc.
  • New Instructors-Friendly Platform: DataCamp always encourages new instructors to join their platform. Teaching here will ease your teaching method, and royalty-based revenue will boost your teaching ability.
  • Affordable Pricing Strategy: You will get a very affordable price in DataCamp plans. They will offer a free trial at first. Then you can switch to their premium plans for more access to their courses.
  • Personal Data Academy: You can build your own data academy to reflect the needs of your business. You can offer assessments with hands-on learning.

Best Features of DataCamp

In this DataCamp review, we are doing a comprehensive analysis. There are many platforms to level up your skills. However, DataCamp is different from them with its quality and focus on data science. The whole world is shifting to advanced data analytics, and DataCamp is more popular in this segment. Now, let’s check some of the best features of this platform to go in-depth about the DataCamp review.

DataCamp Review


DataCamp always provides the needed skills that are in the job to increase efficiency. It helps to do the assessment in the pre-course segment to level up your skill.

This platform provides some assessments in the course to test the retention of knowledge of the learner. It also helps to assess the comprehensive ability of the students.

DataCamp has some online courses from vendors or experts of external platforms to orient the learner in their learning method. This inclusion increases the relevance of the course to the learner.

DataCamp Review

Content Build-up

All the courses are divided into relevant videos. These are either short or long forms. This visual representation helps to understand and engage in the course. These videos work as the materials of supplemental type.

You can find many interactive sessions in the courses on DataCamp. This will help you to learn more effectively than the traditional courses.

DataCamp Review

Platform Analytics with Report

The Single Sign-On or SSO feature of DataCamp enterprise helps customers to manage the members of the organization who do not have a pre-existing account on DataCamp. It helps to allow the flow of creation of accounts unethically and strongly handles phishing. 

In DataCamp courses, you will find a board of analytics to usher the company about its employees’ skills. They can track the proficiency of skills among their employees.

DataCamp Review

Course Structure

DataCamp has introduced the gamification feature to its courses. This has increased engagement 6 times more than before. Courses have become more fun-stuffed and engaging. 

Each of the products comes in a high-quality format. This helps to have better picture quality and more interactive sessions. 

Courses here have multiple projects in the course structure. It helps the learners to self-assess themselves, and engage more with the courses.


DataCamp has the facility of offline mode access. It means you can get your course lessons at your convenient time. 

Courses can be streamed on any device like a mobile or laptop. It again increases the inflow of learners and instructors.


Administrators will have their dashboards. This feature helps to monitor their teams for segregating their skills up leveling and learning courses.

DataCamp Pros and Cons

Now, I have talked about all things in this DataCamp review. However, like other platforms, this e-learning platform also has some pros and cons. Let’s check them down:

DataCamp Review

DataCamp Pros

  1. Learning in a hands-on environment that is already built-in.
  2. Solely focused on Data Science.
  3. Easy-to-use interface.
  4. Great courses at an affordable price.
  5. Wide range of active learners community.
  6. Free access to all classrooms for 6 months.
  7. Access to nearly 300 experts.

DataCamp Cons

  1. Video contents are not always in-depth.
  2. Less weightage of certificates.
  3. Lack of guidance to weaker learners.
  4. Slightly high fees for a yearly subscription.
  5. Lack of other disciplines besides Data Science.

DataCamp Pricing

DataCamp Review

While doing the DataCamp review, we must know about the DataCamp’s pricing plans. DataCamp has different pricing plans for different segments- Learn (for students), Workforce (for working professionals), and Recruit (for organizations or recruiters). 

In the Learn and the Workforce segment, they have 4 plans- the Basic, the Premium, the Teams, and the Enterprise. In the Recruit division, they have 3 plans- the Starter, the Pro, and the Unlimited. The Enterprise and the Unlimited plans have pricing that is custom based. These plans start from $15 per month to $249 per month.

DataCamp Review

Pricing of the Plans of Learn

PlansPricing(per month)
Premium$15 or $12*

*Worked out an annual subscription 

DataCamp Review

Pricing of the Plans of Workforce

PlansPricing(per month)
Premium$19 or $16.59*

*Worked out an annual subscription 

DataCamp Review

Pricing of the Plans of Recruit

PlansPricing (per month)

DataCamp Alternatives

During the DataCamp review, I talked comprehensively about all the pros and cons. The main factor that comes under both pros and cons is the only focus on data science. So, here I am listing some of the other DataCamp alternatives:

  1. Udemy for Business
  2. Coursera
  3. LinkedIn Learning
  4. Codecademy
  5. Pluralsight

DataCamp Case Study

DataCamp has lots of courses on data science that are actually very helpful. They have three tiers of course that are- the Beginner level, the Intermediate level, and the Advanced level. In these tiers, you can do different courses in data science, data analysis, programming, data manipulation, probability and statistics, and many other courses. Now, I’ll tell you about my little experience that has helped me a lot in finding a job.

My Experience Using DataCamp

I was then in my final years of college. I knew some basics of Python, but I had to know a little deeper about this language. One of my seniors suggested learning Python from DataCamp. So, I explored their platform. I opted for all the courses in Python from this website. 

Truly, it was helpful. After a few months, I was literally at a higher level of Python, and that helped me in my first job. My DataCamp review is incomplete without this story. The way the courses are designed is really very helpful for every level of the student.

Conclusion: Should You Buy DataCamp?

DataCamp is one of the leading platforms online to study deeply in data science. Its sole focus on data science reflects in its course choices. You can have very deep knowledge about every aspect of data science and analytics with programming training. So, I must say that you should buy DataCamp courses for your skill development. In this DataCamp review, you can go through the pros and cons of DataCamp which will help you to decide more firmly.

DataCamp Review

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is DataCamp worth paying for?

  • Yes, DataCamp is worth paying for the knowledge you gain in the tech industry. It starts at a nominal price of $15 per month.

Which is better: udemy or DataCamp?

  • DataCamp is better than Udemy for beginners in the tech field. In fact, the amount of in-depth courses in DataCamp is higher than in Udemy. There are tons of great DataCamp alternatives to keep an eye out for.

Is DataCamp good enough to get a job?

  • DataCamp is not single-handedly good enough to get a job. However, you can add the skills you learn on this platform to your resume. It will help you to get an impression in front of your recruiter.

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