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A Computer Science Student with a passion for working and collaborating with others.

Hello. I'm Shane and I love working on fresh new ideas in various areas of the tech industry. I'm a programmer by heart, and topics such as Artificial Intelligence, Web Development and Data Management are some of my favourite things to work on.

Nevertheless, even the most boring topics in the tech industry have piqued my interest.

For as long as I know, I have always been learning something new. From numerous sports such as weightlifting to playing music with guitar and piano, I’m always looking to learn something. The easiest way I have always come back to is scrolling through the internet for tutorials and trying to scramble together all the information.

Then came University.

Once I entered University in Singapore, I was enrolled in Computer Science, where I had not written a single line of code ever in my life. However, I enjoyed every minute of it.

My hunger to learn more was not satisfied by the few modules to take every semester. Hence, I always found myself looking online for new things to learn and ways to upskill myself outside of University. 

I wanted to learn new programming languages, specializations, and projects to work on. Naturally, I landed on a common learning avenue – Online courses.


The struggle with Online Courses

As online education grows, the number of online course providers is increasing tremendously. Faced with so many options, I often had a tough time trying to find the BEST online courses for what I wanted to learn and for my level of experience.

Furthermore, WITHIN each course provider, I had to distinguish between endless choices of courses to take. Each course had ratings and reviews, but they were meagre and insufficient to help me make a decision.

This led me to wasting SO much of my time on courses that did not teach me what I came to learn.

My Mission with this blog

Hence, my goal now is to eliminate this struggle for everyone. I want to save you time deciding which website to sign up for or which course to enroll in. It’s a big space, and you’ll be spending a lot of time surfing around trying to pick and choose what’s good for you. Instead, that time should be used for actually learning.

Learning is everything! Let’s take the time away from figuring things like “which course should I start with” and spend that time on learning and achieving greater things!

Lastly, I would love to hear from you!

If you have found any of my content useful, have any feedback or would just like to reach out to me, do contact me at the top of the webpage. I am always looking to improve and I believe hearing from you is the best way to do so.

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