DataCamp Pricing – Is It Worth It in 2023?

DataCamp Pricing

What is the most precious thing on earth? Platinum? Well, in the 21st century, it is data. Yes, data science has shown how data can be used to grow business. That is why data science and data analysis are the most demanding careers nowadays. If you also have data skills and want to upskill yourself in this field, DataCamp can be a good platform for you.

Are you willing to join, yet, confused about whether DataCamp pricing is worth it in 2023? Then you are at the right place. Here, in this article, I am going to discuss DataCamp’s new courses again, their pricing, and key features. Go through the article to know whether DataCamp Pricing is worth it or not.

What is DataCamp’s Pricing?

DataCamp offers full access to more than 410 high-quality online courses at a very affordable price. Here, we are going to discuss the DataCamp pricing.

DataCamp Pricing Categories:

DataCamp Pricing is categorized into 3, paid subscription plans here. Each has its individual features that are catered to different tiers of learners. In essence, they are:

  1. The Basic Plan (Free)
  2. The Premium Plan (For Individuals)
  3. The Team Plan (For a team of 2 or more)

DataCamp Pricing Plans: Detailed Comparison

DataCamp Pricing
(Monthly Subscription)
Free$15/month$12.42 per user/month
DataCamp Pricing
(When billed Annually)
Free$6.17/month$12.42 per user/month
Number of MembersOne
One (Individual)Team of 2 or More Members
Access to All Courses (410+)The first chapter of every courseUnlimitedUnlimited
Cheat Sheets
Skill Assessment
Job-Ready Programs
Live Coding
Practice ExercisesLimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Coding ProjectsLimitedUnlimitedUnlimited

What is DataCamp?

DataCamp is an online learning platform mostly focused on Data Science, Programming, Data Analysis, Data Engineering, and Statistics. It offers more than 410 courses at a very affordable rate. You can also learn from industry experts which may help you to get real experience. In addition to this, there is no time bound here. You can learn at your own pace.

DataCamp, established in 2013, has served more than 11 million learners across the world. Its interactive and valuable courses make it trustworthy. This is one of the best platforms for learning Data Science, Data Analysis, Data Engineering, and Programming. 

From the basic level to the advanced level, all you can get and need not worry about. With DataCamp the journey from zero to hero is quite easy and enjoyable.

You can read our full review of DataCamp to get a better idea of what they offer.

What are DataCamp’s Key Features?

DataCamp is one of the popular online learning platforms for data science, data analysis, and programming. It has a vast library of more than 410 courses from the best industry experts. More than 350 thousand students have benefited from this platform. 

Here is an overview of the key features that you find on DataCamp.

Key Features of DataCamp:

Wide Range of High-Quality Courses:

DataCamp is well-known for its data science, data analysis, and programming courses. Apart from these, you can also learn data science tools like MS Excel, Power BI, and even statistics. It has a huge library of more than 410 courses designed by top industry experts.

DataCamp also offers student discounts and has some certification courses such as Data Analyst Certification Course, and the Data Scientist Certification course. All the courses on DataCamp are of high quality as they are specially designed by industry experts. That is why these courses offer you the opportunity to learn and solve real-world problems.

10 Best DataCamp Courses:

  1. Machine Learning
  2. Introduction to Python
  3. Pyspark
  4. Git
  5. Data Analyst Certification
  6. Data Scientist Certification
  7. Introduction to Deep Learning in Python
  8. Data Visualization with R
  9. Julia
  10. Power BI

Learning Methodology:

DataCamp has introduced a 4-stage learning methodology for its all courses. This helps the learners to learn well, assess themselves and even apply their knowledge in solving real-world problems. This 4-stage learning methodology really helps the learner in grabbing a deeper knowledge of their field.

DataCamp Pricing
4-Stage Learning Methodology:
  1. Learning:

In this stage, learners learn from the high-quality interactive courses to grab deep knowledge programming experience of their field.

  1. Practice:

In this stage, learners can practice daily what they have learned by participating in daily quizzes coding exercises.

  1. Apply:

In this stage of learning process, learners got the opportunity to apply their so-far-learned knowledge. Here, they try to solve real-world problems. This helps them to have a better understanding of their field.

  1. Assess: 

In this stage, learners can test their knowledge through assessment and skill assessments. This stage is very important college students, as it helps the students in tracking their progress.

DataCamp Pricing


The courses available on DataCamp are engaging and high-quality due to their instructors. In DataCamp, you can find top industry experts as their instructors. For example, you can learn from Karolis Arbonas (Amazon) or Ben Teusch (Facebook)

Learning directly from industry experts can help you in having a better understanding of your field. Moreover, hands on experience and the knowledge you will gain will be more real-world problems-centric and practical.

DataCamp Pricing

Interactive and Engaging Courses:

Besides having a vast library of courses, DataCamp also cares about the quality of the content. You will find most of the videos on DataCamp short and interactive. The quality of the courses is really up to the mark. 

This is because the courses are specially designed by expert industries. Moreover, engaging videos, real-world problem-solving experiences, and experts’ mentorship have really made this online platform the best. 

DataCamp Pricing

Self-Paced Learning:

You may be a professional or a student willing to upskill yourself in the field of data science or programming. Well, the biggest problem you can face is time. DataCamp understands this problem truly. That is why they have made their courses self-paced.

Self-paced courses mean you have no time bound to finish the course. You may be a quick learner or a slow but steady one. No matter how you learn, DataCamp offers you to learn at your convenient pace without worrying about the deadline of the course.

Hands-on Learning Experience:

Suppose you want to learn Tableau. Well, you have to download the Tableau application and get an expensive license to run the codes. But, with DataCamp, you need not download any software to run the codes. 

DataCamp cam offers you to run all the codes from your browser. That is why you need not have to spend or make your device clumsy with software and applications. Even DataCamp allows you to run powerful software like Power BI, R, Python, and Tableau on your browser. 

DataCamp Pricing


DataCamp offers their learner certificates of course completion. However, you have to get a paid subscription for certification. 

DataCamp offers two types of various certification programs, the Associate certificate and the Professional certificate. Associate certificates are the course completion certificates that tell your recruiters that you have gained entry-level knowledge to start your career in the field of data science.

On the other hand, Professional Certificates reflect that you have sound knowledge in the field and have at least 2 years of experience. The Professional certificates advisory panel includes industry experts that make your certificates more valuable.

These were the key features of DataCamp. Apart from these following features, DataCamp is one of the most affordable online learning platforms. Here, we will discuss the DataCamp pricing.

My Take: Is DataCamp Pricing worth it?

To be precise, yes, DataCamp pricing is with it even in 2023. DataCamp provides a vast library of courses mainly focused on Data Science, Data Analysis, Data Engineering, Programming, and even Statistics and Reporting. 

The courses are interactive, engaging, and designed by industry experts. Moreover, you will get opportunities to solve real-world problems in your field to maximize your knowledge. 

To share my experiences with DataCamp, I joined it almost 15 months ago. Since then I have learned more than 12 courses on Data Science and programming. My first lesson was Introduction to Python. In this journey with DataCamp, I really feel that the courses are engaging, interactive, and relatable to real-world problems.

I would suggest you go with DataCamp if you are a beginner or upgrade your skill. DataCamp pricing is worth it in 2023.

What are some DataCamp alternatives?

DataCamp is the best platform to upgrade your skill in the field of Programming, Data Science, and Data Analysis. However, DataCamp mainly focused on these fields only. 

If you are looking for some other fields along with Data Science and programming, I would suggest checking the DataCamp alternatives. However, DataCamp pricing is cheaper than its alternatives and in its field, it is unbeatable. 

5 DataCamp Alternatives:

  1. Edx
  2. Codecademy
  3. Coursera
  4. LinkedIn Learning
  5. Udemy

Final Words

Data Science is not a career for the future; it is happening now, right? If you want to start your career or upgrade your skill in the field of Data Science, Data Analysis, Programming, or Statistics, DataCamp can be the best platform for you.

In this article about DataCamp pricing, we have discussed the key features and premium membership subscription plans of DataCamp. It is the most affordable platform to get job-ready knowledge from industry experts.

We hope that this article helped you in deciding the right platform for you. Keep learning, and Keep upgrading.

Frequently-Asked Questions (FAQ) – DataCamp Pricing

  1. Is DataCamp better than Codecademy?

DataCamp mainly focused on Data science and programming. Whereas, Coursera covers a large range of courses and categories. If you are looking for Data Science courses only, then DataCamp would be the perfect fit for you.

  1. Is a DataCamp certificate worth anything?

DataCamp provides its learners with course completion certificates. Being non-accredited, DataCamp certificates may not be worth too much on your CV. However, it shows that you have earned the required skills in the field of Data Science which may create a good impression.

  1. Is DataCamp better than Udemy?

Udemy and DataCamp both are the topmost online platforms. Udemy has diversified course categories, unlike DataCamp. If you are a beginner in the Data science field then DataCamp is best for you. However, if you are looking for advanced courses in this field, then you should opt for Udemy.

There are tons of great DataCamp alternatives out there, and I highly suggest finding out what’s available before making a decision.

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