Why Data Analytics is a Top Skill To Learn For Success in 2023

Data Analytics is a Top Skill

Data Analytics is one of the top skills to learn in 2023. Leading industries like travel, hospitality, healthcare, financial, and retail are shifting to data analytics. This method helps to make decisions faster and better for business growth. Due to the demand for data analysis in these industries, data analytics has become one of the top skills in 2023.

According to BCG-WEF reports, 72% of manufacturing companies globally rely on advanced data analytics to enhance their productivity. The healthcare industry’s data analytics market will be worth $67.82 billion by 2025. According to the Statista Research Department, nearly 68% of travel brands globally invested significantly in predictive data analytics and business intelligence in 2019. (Sources)

So, it is very evident that data analytics is undoubtedly the future of business. In this article, we will discuss why data analytics is a top skill to learn for success in 2023.

What is Data Analytics?

Data Analytics is the division of science to analyze the raw data for coming to a conclusion. This section deals with the statistics of the audience to get a prospective insight. It is a broad process. It helps to find the trend for a better perspective of the business.

Data analytics deals with sorting the relevant and functional data to get the solution to the problem. It is impossible to grab valuable insights from unorganized data. So, this segment analyzes the whole database and identifies and arranges.

It uses the process and techniques of automation to run the mechanical process over the raw data. The algorithm works on these raw data of human consumption to arrive at a conclusion. So, in the end, data analytics funnel down the unorganized data into a functional insight for the business.

There are four main types of data analytics in a company’s business. These are the following:

Descriptive Analytics

This type of analytics deals with the content. It mainly decides what kind of data should be considered to analyze the prospect.

Diagnostic Analytics

This segment works on the reason behind picking the particular content. It tells why these data are considered for the analysis.

Predictive Analytics

This type of analytics points out what comes next after the analysis. It chalks out the trajectory of the behavior of the target audience. 

Prescriptive Analytics

This is the final type of analytics for the suggestions to be taken. It suggests what you should do to get the proper growth of your business.

In this analysis process, several tools are used to get deep insight. It requires the relevant software tools such as data visualization, spreadsheets, reporting tools, open-source languages, or data mining software. A good data analysis deals with the ethical manipulation of the raw data.

Now, the point is, what is the importance of data analytics? This science is the base of the growth of the system or a business. A little information might be helpful at times. So, this analytics help to bring insight to improve things in the process. In today’s wideness of data, analytics help find the metrics and trends to get on track.

For example, Youtube collects the runtime of a video, watch preference, and the time of the day to enhance the viewer experience. It helps them to identify viewers’ preferences to reach out to the broader section. It helps in the growth of the business of the company.

In the next section, we will learn about the usage of this analytics.  

What is Data Analytics used for?

There is an infinite amount of data everywhere in the world. Data analytics is used for making better business decisions at a fast pace. It helps to cut the existing business cost for the company’s growth. It further increases the effectiveness of services by developing new and innovative products.

Data Analytics is a Top Skill
(Source: BCG)

Now, these analytics help the business to grow by following several tools. These tools help to determine what steps should be taken at the time of implementing new decisions. 

Companies use several techniques and methods to process the data to extract relevant information. They adopt regression analysis to analyze the relation among dependent variables. This method determines in what way the changes affect one another.

Then the factor analysis collects the whole data and shrinks them into a smaller set. This helps discover hidden or overlooked trends.

They also adopt the Cohort analysis to distribute these data sets into similar sets based on consumer demography. This helps to analyze the detailing of other relevant factors in a specific demography.

Then, the Monte Carlo method comes to predict the possible outcomes. This process includes multiple variables with their values to forecast the conclusion. It is essential to mitigate the risk of the business.

In the final step, companies use the analysis of Time Series to track the behavior over time. It helps to solidify the connection between the value and occurrence of a particular data point. This method helps to project the forecast of the financial estimates by analyzing the recurring trends.

So, it is evident that companies use the process of data analytics for success in their business. A program also incorporates the traits of data analysis to develop and advance for the future. In short, data analytics helps the industry by providing the following aspects:

  • To predict purchasing behavior for estimating future sales
  • To confront the fraud to help the audience
  • To analyze the marketing campaigns with significant effect
  • To boost the acquisition of customers and their retention
  • To enhance the efficiency of the supply chain

Today’s world will achieve the most significant economic boom with the help of technology. The hospitality and travel industries are identified as growing businesses in this journey. The common factor between these industries is the wide range of raw data on human consumption. So, data analytics has become an essential part of these industries’ growth.

Now, the point is that these industries require employees who have top skills. Consequently, data analytics has become one of the leading job skills in 2023. The next part will discuss why it is a top skill in 2023. 

Why is Data Analytics a Top Skill to Learn for Success in 2023?

Data analytics is a top skill to learn for success in 2023, as leading industries have adopted it as their primary tool to develop growth strategies. Among them, the hospitality and travel industries have come to the top. These industries collect consumer data to figure out what the problem is. Then, the fixation of the problems occurs to make the business smooth. 

Then, the Healthcare industry comes with a wide range of raw data. These data are both structured and unstructured. Data analytics works on this database to help make quick decisions. The Retail industry has also adopted this method to deal with its vast data collection. This helps to meet the demands of their consumers.

So, emerging employees must take data analytics for top jobs. It is because most industry is shifting and depend on data analysis. They are adopting this method to achieve growth and benefit from an economic boom.

In 2023, McKinsey Digital’s report regarding big data claims that the big data industry will be worth about $77 billion in early estimates. This report further states that around 90% of the available data comes within the last 2-3 years. So, data analytics is undoubtedly a top skill in 2023.

How Can I learn Data Analytics in 2023?

Are you eager to embark on a career in data analytics? Look no further than SQL as your first and foremost step. SQL is the standard language used for interacting with databases and a fundamental skill for anyone looking to work with data. With SQL knowledge, you can extract, manipulate, and analyze data from various sources, which is a crucial aspect of data analytics. Fortunately, SQL is relatively easy to learn, and abundant online resources are available to help you get started.

Expert recommendations point towards LinkedIn Learning, Pluralsight, and Codecademy as the go-to online course platforms for SQL learning. These platforms offer a wealth of courses and resources covering SQL basics and advanced topics alike. Here are some of my favourites.

Linkedin Learning

LinkedIn Learning is an excellent option for beginners and seasoned professionals alike. Their courses cover a wide range of SQL topics, including database design, data manipulation, and SQL optimization. You can access high-quality tutorials and exercises to hone your SQL skills.


Pluralsight offers interactive and engaging SQL courses, covering a variety of topics like database design, querying data, and managing databases. Their courses also include exercises and projects for real-world application, making it easier for you to prepare for a successful career in data analytics.


Codecademy offers a comprehensive SQL course, with interactive learning that facilitates the understanding of the basics. With topics covering querying data, filtering results, and sorting data, Codecademy is an excellent option for beginners looking to develop practical skills that are directly applicable in the real world.

Final Words and Wrapping Up

So, you can see the trajectory of data analytics in the leading industries in 2023. The business and the program are indeed moving towards the peak of innovation. Marketing campaigns are growing these days with the help of analytics. So, data analytics is the top skill in 2023 that you should pursue. Invest in data analytics; invest in the future.

Frequently-Asked Questions (FAQ) – Data Analytics as a Skill

Is data analytics a promising career in 2023?

Data analytics will be a promising career in 2023. Most leading industries like travel, hospitality, healthcare, retail, and others use data analysis

According to reports, 11.5 million data scientist jobs will be generated by 2026. So, you can imagine how good this one is as a career.

Why are data analytics skills necessary for the future?

Data analytics is essential for the future as it is critical in improving business. Most industries use this tool to make the process smoother from the back end to the front end. 

According to a report by Dresner Advisory Services, firms’ usage of big data has increased from 17% to 59% between 2015 and 2018. This report also includes that the highest among the industries is insurance, financial, technology, and healthcare are the highest among the sectors. So, you can imagine how important it is for the future.

Will data analysts be in demand in the future?

Data Analysts will be top in demand in the future. It is because almost every industry is shifting to data analytics methods. This job profile is going to be the ruling profile by this decade.

The big data analytics market is estimated to grow to a $103 billion industry by the end of 2023. McKinsey report claims that 47% of its survey respondents say that data science results in gaining a competitive advantage in their business.

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