Git & GitHub Crash Course: Create a Repository From Scratch! Udemy [In-Depth Course Review]


Git & GitHub Crash Course: Create a Repository From Scratch! by Kalob Taulien on Udemy is a short and sweet course that comes packed with extra material, everything you would need to get started with Git and Github. After just 30 minutes of great teaching from Taulien, you will be adding files, pushing your work and able to navigate through Github with confidence. Definitely a course to recommend anyone starting out with programming, developing or even just university students. This course ticks all of the boxes for us.

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My Rating

Teacher and Class Material

Pros and Cons

> Great and engaging teaching
> Short and succint lessons
> Lots of supplementary and bonus material

> For just 30 minutes of your time, absolutely none!


Table of Contents

Course Overview

  • Skill Level: Beginner
  • Price: FREE
  • Duration: 30 Minutes
  • Material: 8 Video lectures, a quiz and a bunch of supplementary and bonus material
  • Students enrolled at the time of taking: ~156,000
  • Course requirements/prerequisites: None!
  • Topics Covered:
    1. How to create a repository
    2. How to copy it to your computer
    3. How to add files to your repository
    4. How to send the changes to Github
    5. Git and Github fundamentals
    6. Where to go next!

Who This Course Is For

If you are a new programmer, developer or student who has opened up Github and found themselves stumped at what to do next, then this course is perfect for you. It provides everything you need to get up and running on Git and Github and does not require anything for you to get started. It is likely the right course you are looking for if you are reading this.

The Breakdown

Teacher and Class material – 5/5

Kalob Taulien is a professional web developer and has been working with start ups and developing websites since 1999. He has taught close to 400,000 students on Udemy alone and has a wealth of experience and passion for teaching.

He has a refreshing style of teaching. Unlike many courses, he shows his face in the course whilst teaching. A small detail, but it adds a lot to the feel of the course. On top of that, you can tell he is an experienced teacher and has very clear pronunciations and explanations.

The course lecture videos are also accompanied with short supplementary materials such as Taulien’s example repo so that students can refer to the material to study and understand it. Great addition!

Some supplementary material in between video lectures!

Content – 5/5

The course has a single section that flows as such:

  • Course Introduction
  • Starting with Git and Github (with an example Repo)
  • Adding files and Staging them
  • Committing your work and viewing differences
  • Developer support

For a 30 minute course, Taulien covers good ground. From a student or a junior software developer, this course should have you comfortable with navigating through Git and Github after completion. He covers the basics and most commonly used features such as pushing to Github, committing your work and viewing differences, which are essential for using Git in the workplace.

On top of this, some of the supplementary material, such as some helpful Git commands like git lg make the seemingly overwhelming Git and Github environment slightly less daunting and more approachable. These are some nice additions to the main content and I think make the Git environment more friendly to new programmers and developers

Useful bonus commands!

What’s even nicer for students is that he provides some bonus content at the end for where students can go to after the course, with some further learning material and a free-to-join Facebook group. A good addition!

Engagement – 5/5

Taulien’s style of teaching makes the course very engaging. He has a great expression and a varying tone which brings energy to the course, unlike some where you have to listen to a monotonous voice droning on.

He incorporates funny expressions, exclaiming “Tadaaa!” and some humour to bring a lighter mood to the course. At the same time, he explains the content clearly and concisely. At certain stages in the course, he also provides nice and short lesson summaries just to ensure that students are following along.

Towards the end of the course, he also poses students with a task to create a new Github account, clone a repository, create a new file etc. This is a nice addition and a good way to review the students knowledge. It’s also supplemented with a short and sweet quiz that summarises all of the important terminology taught.

All in all, it’s a short and sweet course and ticks all of the boxes here. Nice and engaging videos, good supplementary content and good review material.

Pace – 5/5

Taulien teaches this course at a great pace. Albeit it is a short 30 minute course, it still went by in flash due to his animated teaching and good content. His explanations were neither to fast or too slow and he makes sure to explain the important functions in good detail. Furthermore, he spends some time at important junctures to review all the content learnt, helping students keep on track. No complaints for the pace here.

Value – 5/5

For a 30 minute time investment (Reminder, it’s a free course!), this value that this course packs is great in terms of the supplementary and bonus materials it provides. Students should be able to get comfortable with Git and Github following this lesson and may be the only lesson some audiences might need, such as university students who are only submitting their work to be marked. If you fit that, this course provides all the value you will need.


This is a great course for any new programmer, developer or student who has opened Github and found themselves lost and confused on where to get started. It will have you creating new repositories, staging and committing your work in no time. For only 30 minutes, I would recommend this course for anyone looking to get started on Git and Github in a heartbeat!

What could I do with the knowledge in this course?

  • Creating a repository
  • Adding and staging files
  • Committing and pushing your work

Combine these and finally upload that project that you’ve wanted to show publicly on Github!

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