Algomonster Review: The Best Tech Interview Prep in 2023?

To stay ahead of the game in today’s fast–paced, competitive landscape, upskilling and learning are essential for software engineers.

Your technical skills play a crucial role in determining your success, so staying up–to–date with the latest programming concepts is essential.

AlgoMonster can help you do just that – it’s a comprehensive tech interview prep platform designed to help software engineers master data structures and algorithms quickly and effectively. Its creators claim that it is well–organized, giving users access to the most important patterns for success.

But is investing your time and money in AlgoMonster worth it? Read on to find out what 2023 has in store.

What is AlgoMonster?

Algomonster Review

AlgoMonster is an online platform that provides software engineers with a comprehensive coding interview course to equip them with the skills needed to ace technical job interviews. The course is designed to summarize the most basic patterns into an interactive format, allowing users to get up to speed quickly.

The course offers a wide range of coding challenges, resources, tutorials, and personalized feedback and insights to help individuals identify areas for improvement and track their progress over time.

The platform focuses on learning and practice, with the goal of helping individuals prepare for technical interviews with more confidence and in a shorter time.

AlgoMonster was founded by a team of experienced software engineers and technical interviewers who saw a need for a more efficient and effective way to prepare for coding interviews.

To meet this need, they developed an online course that provides access to valuable resources such as practice problems, tutorials, study guides and mock interviews. While some resources are available for free, access to the full course requires a paid subscription.

The platform offers a variety of courses and resources tailored towards coding interviews, data structures & algorithms, as well as mock interview services and interactive code editors. 

AlgoMonster has also received positive user reviews for its comprehensive and personalized approach to interviewing preparation; in addition to its paid services, it provides free resources such as coding challenges and a blog with tips and tricks.

What are AlgoMonster’s Key Features?

AlgoMonster is an innovative online coding interview course platform with many coding patterns, providing software engineers with the tools to excel in their interviews. Our courses are designed to help master the patterns of answering even the toughest questions.

The AlgoMonster curriculum is comprehensive and meticulously curated based on patterns from Google engineers and other top tech companies. Purchasing it also provides lifetime access to all premium features and updates, plus a data–driven approach that helps you get a dream job quickly.

Plus, the course is interactive, allowing you to engage with the material and test your knowledge.

Here are AlgoMonster’s critical features in greater detail.

1. Comprehensive Curriculum

Alogmonster Review

AlgoMonster equips software engineers with the essential patterns to tackle and conquer any interview question. Our comprehensive platform provides an organized learning journey, empowering you to demonstrate your proficiency.

2. Meticulously Curated Patterns

This course provides 48 patterns handpicked by Google and other leading tech companies to ensure you master the most crucial concepts. These patterns have been thoughtfully chosen to expedite your learning process, enabling you to reach your goals in record time.

3. Lifetime Access

Once you buy the course, it grants you indefinite access to all of its advanced content and updates. So even after finishing the program, your knowledge will stay sharp and up–to–date!

4. Data-Driven Approach

Let AlgoMonster be your guide to securing a tech job in record time. Leveraging compiled datasets of interview questions, this platform provides data–driven preparation for each and every one of your interviews. If you get an offer from at least one tech company, AlgoMonster can help you succeed. 

5. Interactive Format

This course provides an interactive learning experience with basic data structures, enabling you to interact with the material and test your comprehension. This approach ensures that concepts are properly memorized and thoroughly understood, mastering the coding interview. 

6. Patterns

AlgoMonster gives and equips you with 48 top–notch patterns to master the fundamentals of coding interviews. Their carefully crafted designs enable accelerated learning and optimal efficiency.

7. Illustrations

This course features detailed illustrations and diagrams to equip you with a deeper understanding of complex concepts. These visual aids will ensure that you retain the information, enabling its application in real–world scenarios.

8. Programming Languages

AlgoMonster offers complete support for a variety of programming languages, such as Java, Python and C++. This allows you to gain insight into the patterns in whichever language is most familiar to you. 

9. Company-Specific Online Assessment Questions

This course provides practice questions akin to those used by prestigious tech companies in their online assessments, giving you a sense of the kind of queries that could come up during your interviews. 

What is AlgoMonster’s Pricing?

Experience the full power of AlgoMonster with a one–time payment of $99. Enjoy lifetime access to all premium features and updates, without worrying about any subscription costs – but act fast, as this offer won’t last forever!

Algomonster Review

What You Get

  • You’ll find a comprehensive curriculum designed to help you master the key patterns necessary to solve almost any interview question.
  • Forty-eight meticulously curated patterns that Google and other top tech companies have selected.
  • Lifetime access to all premium features and updates for a one-time payment of $99.
  • A data-driven approach that uses datasets of tech interview questions to help you prepare for your interviews.
  • An interactive learning experience that allows you to engage with the material and test your knowledge.
  • Detailed illustrations and diagrams to help you better understand complex concepts.
  • The course allows practicing questions modeled after those used by top-tier tech companies in their online assessments.

What You Don’t:

  • Personalized coaching or guidance from a human expert for those that need to solve unique problems.
  • Access to a community of other users for collaboration or support.
  • Assistance with non-technical aspects of the interview process, such as communication skills or behavioral interviews.

Is AlgoMonster Worth it?

The platform offers comprehensive features that make it an ideal choice for those looking to prepare for coding interviews, FAANG interviews and get access to many resources. 

This well–structured curriculum, tailored around the most commonly tested interview questions and multiple programming language support, is offered at an affordable one–time payment of $99 for lifetime access.

Compared to other interview prep courses available in the market, this pricing makes it a great value.

What Are Some Alternatives?

When it comes to interview preparation, individuals should consider their learning styles and goals when choosing which platform to use, as each has its own unique strengths and features.

Here are some of the popular alternatives vs AlgoMonster:

Interview Cake

Interview Cake provides free programming interview questions, equipping candidates with the skills they need to ace their technical interviews. The platform offers a structured learning approach, focusing on the most commonly tested questions and providing explanations and solutions to help users understand the concepts.

This is all designed to prepare them for success at leading companies like Google and Facebook.


LeetCode is a widely–used platform for honing coding interview skills, boasting an array of problems from data structures to algorithms, system design, database queries, and many problems.

In addition, the platform provides a community forum where users can discuss and share solutions to any issues they may be facing.


It is a platform that allows users to compare their performance with others via a leaderboard, provide a system design interview, and the possibility of watching videos directly in the browser. 


Pluralsight offers great online courses that focus on preparing their learners with industrial experience so that they are ready to work in the real world. With that, they offer courses on interview preparation and industry skills at an affordable price.

Wrap-Up and Final Words

In a nutshell, AlgoMonster is an effective platform created to aid people in getting ready for technical interviews with top organizations.

It provides a comprehensive approach to interview preparation through its wide range of coding challenges and library of resources and video tutorials.

Moreover, the platform provides tailored feedback and insights to assist individuals in pinpointing areas for development and monitoring their progress over time.

For those looking to improve their coding skills and prepare for interviews, AlgoMonster is an excellent option; however, there are also alternatives such as Interview Cake, AlgoExpert, LeetCode, and HackerRank which each offer their own unique strengths and features.

Frequently-Asked Questions 

What kind of coding challenges does AlgoMonster offer?

AlgoMonster provides a range of coding challenges, including algorithms, data structures and system design. These tests emulate the technical questions posed in interviews at top–tier companies like Google, Facebook and Amazon.

Can I track my progress on AlgoMonster?

AlgoMonster’s progress–tracking system enables you to keep tabs on your performance, allowing you to pinpoint areas that need more attention and direct practice accordingly.

Is AlgoMonster suitable for beginners?

At AlgoMonster, we provide challenges for coders of all abilities – even those just starting out. Plus, our platform offers an array of resources and tutorials to equip users with the coding know–how needed to ace technical interviews. 

How does AlgoMonster compare to other coding interview preparation platforms?

AlgoMonster offers a novel approach to interview preparation, featuring personalized feedback and insights. Furthermore, they provide an extensive selection of challenges and resources tailored to help individuals prepare for interviews with premier tech companies. 

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