As businesses worldwide continue to embrace digital marketing, the demand for customer relationship management (CRM) tools is rising. 

GoHighLevel is one such CRM tool that has gained immense popularity in recent years thanks to its comprehensive suite of features designed to help businesses manage their sales, marketing, and customer service activities. 

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However, as with any software, the cost of using GoHighLevel is a crucial factor that companies must consider before making a purchase decision. 

In this article, we will look closer at GoHighLevel pricing in 2023 and evaluate whether it is worth investing in businesses of all sizes.

What are the services provided by GoHighLevel?

GoHighLevel is a comprehensive marketing platform designed to give businesses the tools they need to succeed, providing an array of services that simplify operations and drive growth.

GoHighLevel helps various aspects of digital marketing, including an all-in-one CRM, funnel building, landing pages, marketing automation, reputation management and reporting. It also offers SMS marketing; membership sites; mobile apps; plus various integrations.

Furthermore, GoHighLevel is ideal for client acquisition and retention, lead generation, and database reactivation. In short, it’s a comprehensive marketing, sales, and management platform suitable for internet marketers, marketing agencies, freelancers, and affiliate businesses.

What is the price for GoHighLevel services?

GoHighLevel Pricing

GoHighLevel offers two pricing plans:

  • Agency Starter Account ($97/month)
  • Unlimited Pro Account ($297/month)

In addition to these GoHighLevel pricing plan, the software provides various features such as CRM, marketing automation, email marketing, website building tools, funnel builders and membership site systems. 

GoHighLevel’s plans suit small and medium-sized businesses, agency owners, sales teams and entrepreneurs; more information is available on their website.

Plus they offer a 14–day free trial with all plan features included.

What is included in the Starter Plan?

The GoHighLevel Agency Starter Plan offers a comprehensive range of features for marketing agencies at just $97 per month, ideal for any online business owners and entrepreneurs who seek an all–in–one marketing automation solution.

This plan includes the following GoHighLevel features:

  • CRM
  • Website Builder
  • Landing page builder
  • Sales funnel builder
  • Quiz and survey builder
  • Marketing automation tools
  • Tracking software
  • Appointment scheduling software

For those interested in testing out the platform before signing up, they are offering a 14–day free trial.

What is included in the Unlimited Plan?

The GoHighLevel Unlimited plan offers an unbeatable price of just $297 per month and consolidates marketing tools such as email, CRM, calendars, funnel builders, and more in one platform.

Users of the Unlimited plan for small to medium businesses, marketing agencies, sales teams, entrepreneurs, and service–based companies can benefit from unlimited accounts and the possibility to use your own domain name for customizations – plus some exclusive extras, such as GoHighLevel’s API!

Although this may appear costly upfront, it’s worth noting that you’ll be able to manage as many accounts as you want. What’s more, the number of accounts can increase rapidly once you add your clients to the platform.

If you’re new to marketing agencies and have only one client, the Agency Starter account is recommended.

Take advantage of the GoHighLevel free trial and test the platform to determine the GoHighLevel’s pricing plans that is best for you.

What is the White-Label Mobile App + Custom Zap Integration?

GoHighLevel’s White Label Mobile App + Custom Zap Integration add–on gives users the chance to sell its software as their own.

GoHighLevel’s White–Label Mobile App + Custom Zap Integration allows you to rebrand and resell the entire platform as your own, all for $497 per month.

You can tailor the platform to your brand and logo, plus provide a mobile app for clients to access the system. 

Craft zaps tailored to your business requirements. A zap is an automated workflow between various apps or services that performs one task or a series of tasks. Utilize custom zaps to optimize processes and make the most out of your time.

Is GoHighLevel Worth The Cost, Or Should I Buy Each Tool Separately?

GoHighLevel Pricing

GoHighLevel is a marketing and sales solution designed to help businesses streamline customer relations, marketing efforts and sales processes. It allows companies to centralize all aspects of customer engagement in one platform for improved efficiency.

GoHighLevel offers flexible pricing plans suited to businesses of varying sizes, making it an affordable option for any organization.

If businesses were to purchase the tools offered by GoHighLevel individually or separately, they would likely end up paying significantly more than the cost of a subscription. 

For example, purchasing a CRM system, marketing automation platform, sales pipeline management tool and scheduling tool could result in thousands of dollars spent per month.

GoHighLevel offers a cost–effective solution for businesses looking to streamline their operations by combining all these tools into one platform. Additionally, it includes integrations with other popular tools such as Zapier to further enhance its functionality.

In conclusion, GoHighLevel is an excellent choice for businesses who want a comprehensive and competitively priced suite of tools that can help them optimize their operations.

For those looking to streamline operations and improve customer engagement, GoHighLevel’s CRM software could be the perfect solution.

Does GoHighLevel Offer a Free Trial?

GoHighLevel offers a 14–day free trial to help users decide if the platform meets their business needs, although it does not offer a free plan. 

Simply provide your credit card information and access all features during the trial period – then, if you choose to continue the service after, you will be automatically charged according to the plan chosen.

The trial can be canceled through the platform’s settings; alternatively, users can save money by paying for an annual plan which includes two months of free services. GoHighLevel does not offer a money–back guarantee.

What is the GoHighLevel Agency Pro plan?

Among the HighLevel pricing plan, you can select also the Agency Unlimited Pro Plan. 

The GoHighLevel Agency Pro plan is one of the pricing plans offered by the all-in-one marketing automation platform GoHighLevel. It costs $497 per month and allows users to resell the GoHighLevel software as their own. 

The plan comes with various tools such as CRM software, website builder, landing page and sales funnel builder, quiz and survey builder, membership site builder, marketing automation tools, tracking software, and appointment scheduling software. 

The agency unlimited account includes a white-label option. The new HighLevel Pro SaaS Plan offers everything agencies need to move to the next level, including a client leads management system, website and funnel builders, a calendar, and a white-label option.

How do I know Which GoHighLevel plan is best for me?

GoHighLevel Pricing

When it comes to choosing the best GoHighLevel plan for you, it depends on your business needs. If you are a solopreneur or just starting out, the Agency Starter Account plan starting at $97/month is the best option for you. 

This plan offers multiple features such as building a sales engine, capturing new leads, engaging with customers through follow-up campaigns and a mobile app, building a community with Membership Access, advanced analytics, payment processing, and pipeline management.

However, suppose you are a marketing agency or a team that wants to provide the GoHighLevel platform as a service to your clients and other businesses. Then, the Agency Unlimited Account plan, priced at $297/month, is the best option. 

This plan offers unlimited accounts and the ability to brand the desktop app, making managing your clients’ leads and digital marketing efforts easier.

For instance, if you are a marketing agency that wants to increase revenue by selling the GoHighLevel platform to clients under your branding, you can opt for the White Label Mobile App + Custom Zap upgrade plan for an additional $497/month. 

Alternatively, if you are a solopreneur who wants to build some monthly recurring cash flow, the Agency Starter Account plan could be an excellent option. Hopefully this gohighlevel price guide can help you make up your mind on the best option for your business. 


To sum up, GoHighLevel is an all-in-one solution and a powerful CRM software that provides an array of features and integrations to enable businesses to automate their sales and marketing operations.

While its pricing may seem high compared to some competitors, it’s essential to consider the value that GoHighLevel can bring in terms of time savings, increased productivity, and better customer relationships – all resulting in higher ROI for your business.

To determine if GoHighLevel is worth the cost depends on your business needs, budget and goals; take advantage of their free trial period to test the platform and see if it fits the size of your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

GoHighLevel vs. ClickFunnels: What Is The Difference?

The main difference between GoHighLevel and ClickFunnels is their focus and target audience. ClickFunnels is primarily aimed at individual entrepreneurs and specializes in building sales funnels. 

At the same time, GoHighLevel is geared towards marketing agencies and is mainly a customer relationship management system that includes white-label offerings for various aspects of modern-day business. 

ClickFunnels offers a two-month discount for annual payments in advance, while GoHighLevel doesn’t provide any discount. Both platforms offer similar features, but ClickFunnels is generally more expensive and has better customer support. 

In contrast, HighLevel has a broader range of integrations and a cheaper pricing system. Ultimately, the choice between the two platforms would depend on the specific needs of each individual company.

Does GoHighLevel offer an affiliate program?

GoHighLevel provides affiliates with an opportunity to earn 40% commission on every subscription they refer through their unique link, as well as a 5% commission on sales made by referred users.

The best part? This commission is recurring for as long as the user maintains an active subscription – and there are no hidden charges or fees to join or be part of the program, one has to have only a GoHighLevel account and can receive referral payments from highlevel. 

What are the GoHighLevel Alternatives?

Among the alternatives to GoHighLevel, ClickFunnels and Kartra are the two most popular choices. Simvoly is a budget–friendly alternative that offers white–labeling, while ActiveDEMAND provides call tracking, predictive personalization and multi–client management. Other options include, HubSpot, GetResponse and Keap. 

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